Artistic designer of interiors and furniture

Interior designer Inge Lagae puts you in charge.

You’ve decided you want a new interior. Or to revamp your existing one. Perhaps you are involved in a new-build or are converting your home and are looking for a professional to give you guidance.

You don’t want a run-of-the-mill design, but one with a hint of something more. So how do you create your own unique and contemporary interior in which you can feel thoroughly at home?

Inge Lagae will be happy to steer you through the whole process. From the first set of drawings to the final result. What sets her apart is her exclusive, even artistic style. Her strength? Her skill in identifying the essence of the space. That is her starting point. From there she seeks to create a perfect balance between architecture, furniture and decor, using the finest materials and a distinctive design. The bottom line for her is to achieve a peace and harmony in which you as the person living there can feel most at ease, basing it on your personality and your lifestyle. Because what drives her is your ultimate happiness.

Interested? Have a look at the unique way in which she works.


Unique items in limited editions

After receiving orders for bespoke furniture, Inge Lagae has designed a number of remarkable pieces that are considered and sophisticated, unassuming yet striking, multifunctional and practical, and invariably made with the highest-quality materials and in stunning detail. Have a look at her unique collection of wall-units, separation units, wardrobes, tables and chests – all genuine masterpieces that give your interior an extra “original” look.

Did you know that Inge Lagae won the 2016 “Object” Interior Design Award with her piece “Labyrinth”?

Yes, Inge, I too want an interior that is unlike anything else.

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